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I am typically sceptical of mediumship but I have to say that I was completely blown away by the reading you gave my mum Eileen on your live stream yesterday. You mentioned how family were with my Grandma and holding her hand when she passed, my mum was holding her hand in those final moments. You also mentioned that she travelled 180 miles to see family members right before she passed. As the crow flies it is exactly 180 lives between her home in Grimsby and mine in Folkestone. Me and my sister were also by her bedside when she passed but my wife, my sister's husband and their children were in Folkestone at the time. You also said about my mum's leg and back problems. Again this is spot on. I've seen a few mediums over the years but were very vague when giving information so naturally I am sceptical but your reading for my mum was detailed and 100% true. In 11 days, 8th April it will be two years since my Grandma left the physical world so thank you Paul, you put a huge smile on my mum's and my face, and a tear in our eyes to know my Grandma is still watching over us. – Gary, Folkestone (Facebook Live Session)


Absolutely top class medium xx thank you for my amazing message last sunday at edwinstowe xx all spot on and give me names freda ashley and lewis and my even my birthday xx thank you so much – Lynn, Nottingham


Thank you so much for the reading yesterday , I needed to hear from them and you made it happen ❤️ it was so worth coming over to your house and worth so much more than the money paid!! You do an amazing job Paul – Victoria, Grimsby


Just had my private reading done from Paul just wanted to say massive thank you Paul you was so spot on with everything when I left your house I felt uplifted

Love light and peace Amanda  - Amanda, Grimsby


Met Paul for the first time today. Was nervous about going for a reading due to previous readings with other people not going so well. But Paul has left me with some wonderful information and some lovely messages from my loved ones. I cannot recommend Paul enough I'm ever so greatful for everything today will deffinatly come back in the future.


I'm so happy my Nanna come through and I'm so glad she's okay... I have not got the words to say thank you enough for everything today. – Courtney, Grimsby


thank you paul for a fantastic reading on monday highly reccommend you – Tracey, Unknown


Fantastic reading from you tonight thank you again and you made my night despite my fall down the hole 😂 x everything you said was 100% I must book a 1 to 1  - Talia, Unknown


We would like to say a massive thank you to Paul for raising £550 for the Poppy Appeal last night, it was a fantastic night and enjoyed by all. We would also like to say a big thank you to Penny for all her help, we look forward to seeing you again very soon x – Charity Night in Mablethorpe

What an absolute joy it was today 15th Oct to watch Paul Humphries work! at PSSC Southport.....not a single person at the service this afternoon was disappointed. Such a gentle man, very beautifully delivered, in a caring and humble way.....Working as Chairperson, I must say, was a blessing ........the energy was truly amazing on platform.. ...and was felt by many in the church.....

We were all truly blessed.. ...Thankyou Paul for such an uplifting afternoon, Christina, Portland Street Spiritualist Church Southport


I saw Paul last Saturday at Darwin, he was also there with Jeanette Greenough and Paul DeLeth.

All three were amazing to watch. – Jeff, Darwen


Absolutely amazing service and a lovely man to boot he has a lovely way of relaying messages and connecting with spirit x – Josh, Southport


Amazing evidence.x.beautiful message from my loved ones – Pauline, Darwen


My sister in law and her friend said he was outstanding! X – Andrea, Southport

Had an amazing private reading with Paul Humphries today was absolutely amazing  - Shelly, Grimsby

Today has been an amazing day!!! Today i got to communicate with my mum. It was unbelievable. Didn't want to say too much till today, but something strange happened one night last week. I knew it was mum. I told dad and Claire before I went today. And today it was confirmed it did happen without me saying a single word. I knew it!!!! Thankyou so much Paul Humphries for my amazing reading today and for helping me talk to my lovely mum. I miss her so much but I know she is still here. I just can't see her. - Michelle, LIncoln.

Been to see Paul Humphries with mum today. Was fantastic. Can't wait to book my reading  - Candice, Grimsby

Mindblown and extremely happy with my reading today. Thank you Paul Humphries. Amazing. - Hayley, Cleethorpes

Brilliant reading thank you Paul Humphries - Mandi, Grimsby

When that was worth every penny just confirmed details with family that I didn't even know. How amazing. Thank you Paul Humphries we will be returning - Melisa, Hull.

Absolutely fantastic reading this morning with Paul Humphries.... this man is amazing... thank you so much Paul xxx - Nikki, Grimsby

Took my Daughter for the first time to an event like this. We both had a great night. Thank you for the reading Paul xxx Spot on! 😘 will be coming to see you again, Sandra. Horncastle 

Amazing reading off Paul Humphries spot on with everythin n just what I needed to hear xx - Natalie, Grimsby

Paul humphries has amazing talent the things he told me my Gran and grandad were saying was spot on and what he said about my kids even said name. So glad they watching over me and my kids ❤️ ❤️ ❤️  - Marie, Grimsby

Would just like to say a very big thank you for my amazing reading today it was mind blowing thank you so much again x,  - Lisa, Grimsby

What an amazing experience in the Keyingham village hall with Paul . He gave me and my daughter some messages and they were spot on!!! Loved him ...thank you so much X - Sarah, Hull

First of all what a lovely person Paul is. He managed to connect with the two people I wanted to come through. I left after my reading a very happy person. He was brilliant. I can recommend this person he is truly gifted. Amazing xx -  Aaf, Unknown

'Wow wow wow just got home from seeing paul at darnall spiritualist church and I've got to say he was amazing! I've waited 27 years (and don't know how many mediums I've seen!)for my son to come say hello and tonight paul brought him to me 😊 and also my dad who passed in May. I am in awe of this man and would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart you have made my life xxx' - Bev, Sheffield

'Had a great message from Paul Humphries tonight at Heavens voice Retford. He brought my Dad and my twins through for me and Dad said he was sorry and the girls are with him. Was very touched to know they are together. Even gave me the date of our wedding. If you ever get the chance to see Paul do a demonstration it's well worth it. The proof that he gives is outstanding.' - Jane, Lincoln

Thank you Paul for the reading today sooooooo accurate seen many psychics before but you are far the best one ' - Kerry, Grimsby

'Thank you Paul fantastic reading see you again soon really good reading spot on' - Shirley, Grimsby

I've seen Paul now at 3 shows he's the best I've ever seen can't wait to see him again' - Lisa, Grimsby

'Amazing reading from Paul Humphries this morning. I can't believe the things he knew. Such a brilliant man' - Rebecca, Grimsby

'Amazing man, and so much proof, thank you XX' - Elaine, Retford

'Really enjoyed the evening ,Paul was amazing and gave some wonderful messages from spirit ,thank you x' - Angela Retford,

'Paul you truly have an amazing very accurate gift. Everyone should go see Paul Humphries at least once in their life as he'll change the way you think about the afterlife without question!' - Gill, Doncaster

'I have had more than one private reading with Paul Humphries and each one has been amazing! Best Medium I have ever seen highly recommend!!! Xxxxxxxxx' - Rachel, Grimsby

'What an amazing night, i cant believe my dad brought my mum through to me, and the names you brought up paul, had me gobsmacked, you are one amazing very talented man, thank you ...'  - Bev, Grimsby

'I have been to Scotter spiritual centre, Thanks for embarrassing David & I but its lovely to know you approve, no secrets with you around Mum 😉xxxx Thank you Paul Humphries xx' -  Jo, Scunthorpe

'Had a amazing reading tonight from Paul Humphries at college rd Spiritulist church deff b seeing him again'  - Lesley, Doncaster

'You were amazing Paul and the whole audience was gripped when you were on stage. Will definitely be coming to see you again!'  - Helen. unknown.

'Had an amazing night last night seein derek acora and Paul Humphries I would defo recommend paul if u ever get chance to see him work his accuracy is better than any medium ive met u won't be disappointed xx'  - Claire, Scunthorpe

'You are an amazing medium. My friend says you are the best medium she has seen since Doris stokes. Xx'  - Jessica, Lincoln

'It's a night I won't forget.... Undeniable evidence demonstrated!!! Well donexx'  - Tanya, Unknown

'You were amazing Paul - such a talent! Thoroughly enjoyed last night. Hope to see you again soon. Took some friends who had never seen a medium and they were amazed by your evidence. We need more mediums like you' xx - Sue, Grimsby

'Paul Humphries and Derek acorah tonight was amazing,didn't get a reading myself but Paul had me in tears your talent is definitely out of this world' x - Vikki, Grimsby

'Thanks Paul Humphries for another great reading today always nice to see you , such an amazing man , take care see u next time X' -  Michelle, Grimsby

'Paul what a fab night at The White Hart , thanks for my reading look forward to the next one 💕 xx' - Shegs, Grimsby

'Would like to say a very big thank you for my reading was a bit tearful but was needed what an amazing experience we had with you and thank you for putting our minds at ease with messages from our loved ones Xx'  - Tina, Grimsby

'Had a fantastic Night and what a fantastic Message Chris and I got and how appropriate just Now ,,thank you Paul Humphries,you are so good and it was a pleasure to see you tonight at Heavens Voice'  - Denise, Retford

'Had a lovely night with Medium-Paul Humphries last night ! Thank you for giving your night up to read for us all. I was very lucky to win such a good prize ... Never believe in coincidences xxx' - Abi, Grimsby

'Hya would jus like to thank you for the reading yesterday u was great:)x' - Nikki, Grimsby

'Just want to thank paul for a great reading.would deffo use again xxx' - Angi, Grimsby

'Thank you for the reading the other day you are amazing thank you so much xxx' - Hannah, Grimsby

'Thank you for last night. You were amazing. Hope you will be here again' - Barbara, Lincoln

'Thankyou so much for last night our dad coming through ment so much to us xx' - Elsa, Lincoln

'A lovely night had by all there last night, so many lovely messages for a lot of lovely people, so very grateful for you receiving our message too, see you at Newark next month, love light and blessings to you..thank you xx' - Julie, Lincoln

'Thank you for tonight at the boiler house. I will admit I am a sceptic, but my girlfriends reading was absolutely spot on, the lady "flashing" one, which was hilarious as it was serious. I hope to see you again, did someone mention you are coming to Newark? As that is my home town' - Andrew, Newark

'What again a brilliant night Paul. I am totally amazed every time I see you. Well done for an absolutely enjoyable evening xx' - Nikki, Lincoln

'Would just like to thank Medium-Paul Humphries for my reading tonight... truely amazing! I would recommend that anyone wanting to have a reading done to get booked in.. Never a true word said. Thanks Again!' Misha, Grimsby

'paul just want to say i have had the best evening ever.....even though i did not get a reading i had a fabulous time enjoying your company looking forward to our next get together see you soon take care lots of love hayley and carol xxx, Hayley, Grimsby

'Great reading from you Paul amazing that's all I can say x' - Kirsty, Grimsby

What an amazing night we had at the Linden club on Thursday. Thank you so much for bringing our beautiful children through for us. It meant so much to know they are together in the spirit world. My husband said he feels so much better knowing this.x – Dawn, Grimsby


had never been before, so didn't know what to expect, a friends farther came through which was nice, will be back to see you again !!  - Debby, Lincoln


a big heart felt Thankyou to Paul Humphries for a fantastic service, possibly the best service to date at Connections of Light, fantastic evidence. Thankyou for your lovely comments regarding the church, also to the lovely Penny for accompanying you. It has been a pleasure, and the congregation loved it. On behalf of all at Connections of Light, including the congregation. Thankyou so much. We will see you next year, although will see you before! All the best to you and Penny.

David & all at Connections. – David, Darwen


You were brilliant at poppins cafe on monday really great evening – Eddy, Grimsby


myself and two friends went to see you tonight what a fantastic evening Paul we will be coming to see you again very soon and thank you for a fantastic evening xxx – Susan, Grimsby


A fantastic service as always , & you brought comfort to those that needed it xx – Sue, louth


Thank you for the brilliant service that you did for us tonight Paul. We look forward to seeing you again soon xxx – Nancy, Edwinstowe Church


hank you for a fantastic night, you were brilliant and will be intouch for next year, love and light xxxxx – Gwen, Belper Spiritualist Church


Fantastic night and as usual spot on with info etc, lovely message from my Dad, thank you Paul x – Jamie, Grimsby

Another amazing reading today with Paul Humphries such an amazing man ... thank you  - Michele, Grimsby


Beautiful message from my dad thank you Paul Humphries really enjoyed tonight even though I cried – Stacey Grimsby

Very impressed with the medium night at the Grange Centre tonight have to say Paul Humphries was very good and thank you for the message from spirit x – Claire, Grimsby

Well Paul Humphries was spot on as usual. Thankyou for my reading this afternoon. :) x – Lyndsey Grimsby


Paul Humphries had a fabulous 121 reading was So accurate gave me some lovely messages thank you paul – Gail Grimsby


Fantastic night with Paul Humphries – Gwyneth Retford


Paul Humphries at Stephen House . Spot on as always ☺ - Marie, Retford


Wow was Paul Humphries was on form tonight . Barbara Retford


Paul Humphries amazing. He wouldn't of known anything bout me (look on internet etc) as pay on door. Well put it quick way, Stephen was wiv Nanna and grandad said just bin to celebration he's never met in living life, a birthday ( today's Ruby's b-day went straight there from leaving there house) then said there's a pat wasn't very old wen she past she was about 60-60ish she's wiv Stephen aswell on my dads side that would be aunt pat said past wiv illness csncer(I need to find that out as I'm not sure) but there all well watching over us. Said more to me aswell. Said Stephens in late 30s sending he passed 20odd yrs ago 1980s – Donna, Grimsby


My friend and I attended your evening at Gingerbread last evening, you were brilliant. Thank you for bringing my brother through for the first time since he passed. God bless you and your gift x  - Eva, Grimsby


He a fantastic medium A VERY MUST TO SEE if you have not seen this amazing guy – Sharon, Grimsby


Fantastic! Thankyou Paul Humphries, very accurate. X – Janet, Lincoln


Had a great night out, lovely food, fab company and a great reading from Paul Humphries. What a lovely wife you have, big hugs to her. Thanks for the advice and guidance. Just what the doctor ordered xx, Becky, Unknown


Just in from the psychic evening at Poppins cafe with Paul Humphries .....Absolutely fantastic evening and an amazingly accurate reading for me ...Just wow ! Nearly every one at our table was lucky to have a message and the things Paul said amazed everyone x the food was excellent and Jackie and her staff were an absolute pleasure x looking forward to the next one already x so glad Tracey's family had messages x all in all a very enjoyable evening xx – Caroline, Grimsby


It was a most excellent evening and Paul Humphries readings were outstanding. I was one of the lucky ones and as ever Paul's accuracy was amazing. Really pleased for everyone who got a reading around the table. Sorry for Michelle Kitchen and Lee Hubbard. Next time girls:) xx – Karen, Grimsby


Id like to Thank Paul and his wife Penny for not giving up in the bad traffic. What a wonderful night and everyone had a brilliant time the messages where so beautifully given with a lot of love and feeling. Bringing the Laughs to the tears you give so caringly.. Im very privileged to have been able to have this wonderful polished and very proffessional Medium. at Serendipity. Xxx – Shirely, Blackpool


any non believer would come out a believer! X – Tracey, Grimsby


Was a great evening Paul Thankyou for my message was spot on with names and dates and its always nice getting that first message knowing loved one's are safe and all together ...brilliant evening xx – Kath, Cleethorpes


Fab night, really enjoyed it,feel very happy and content today. Thankyou Paul xx – Sue, Cleethorpes


Amazing! Thank you for the comforting message tonight 💞 💞 💞 - Andrea, Grimsby


Fantastic demonstration from the very lovely Paul Humphries last night <3 Thank you so much to Paul, and thank you to all who attended - what a turn out! Apologies if you felt a bit hemmed in or couldn't see clearly. We will have to have (yet another) seating re-think next time. Paul's fault for being so good! – North Lincs Spiritualist Church


Went to see Paul Humphries and was brought to tears 😢. Talk about accurate and never expected to be told what I did. Was fantastic thank you x – Melissa, Grimsby


Awesome night with mum and Leanne watching Paul Humphries, the guy is amazing! Genuinely fantastic and I can personally vouch for him. Suffice to say I will be going to see him again in the future. Thank you for taking me mum and kudos to Paul, ur the real deal. X – Jami, Grimsby


Well that blew my mind!!!!! Wonderful evening with the amazing paul Paul Humphries. Everyone in that room was blown away with the accurate readings. Thank you so so paul, you have truly touched a lot of people tonight. Thank you to all that attended the night. An emotional reading for Steve Hare from his dad and lots of other happy guests. We will be coming to you again paul!!!!! – Mel, Hull


A massive thank-you to Paul Humphries for the amazing reading this morning!! Over the moon with what you told me...very uplifting!! – Tracy Grimsby


Been to see Paul Humphries tonight, Wow he's amazing!! – Helen, Grimsby


Thanks Paul for a fantastic night !! You where spot on as always... the young girl that passed with brain tumour use to come to our church ..its so nice for her family to get your message, her nana was buzzing outside  Great night xx – Cleethorpes Spiritualist Church


Oh wow what a brill nite lastnite at our spirit nite with the amazing Paul Humphries even if i did get embarased lol – Ann, Retford


Well what can i say , just got back from a fantastic night with Paul Humphries , the energy of the man is amazing, spot on with all his readings tonight. Well done to him & i am sure a lot of people have gone home comforted with what he told them , cant wait for the next time xxx, Sue, Unknown


Had a lovely night at the Olde Barn at Tealby , Paul Humphries was brilliant and really enjoyed the food thank you – Elaine, Unknown


I went to see him last night was great . Well worth the money would recommend anybody to go see him Paul Humphries – Emma, Grimsby


seen him a few tunes spot on every time such a wonderful talent paul. – Glenys Grimsby


Fantastic night as per, with a great reading thanks to Mr Paul Humphries 😊 xx – Sharon, Grimsby


Another brilliant evening with Paul Humphries and excellent service ... always something new and always interesting...Thank you for what you do xx you make spirit proud – Cat, Unknown


Paul is amazing. Well guys if u haven't seen him please do. U will be so surprised. And will be blown away by his talents I truly can't get over how amazing he is and accurate. He gives u the time and the friendship His wife is also lovely. I ad a great time. And Deffo going again my mum came through it was. Brilliant If I had to choose to see him or Sally Morgan it would be him every time – Glenys, Grimsby


i came to centre 4 last night i really enjoyed it i felt so uplifted after my husband and my mum came through and iwould like to thank you very much god bless you – Marlene, Grimsby


Just been to see Paul Humphries and I am speechless. Absolutely fantastic and accurate, well recommended! – Adam, Spain


Dez the sceptic is no longer a virgin!!!! Took him to his first spiritual meeting.... Excellent readings from the medium Paul Paul Humphries ... we even got a message!!!! ❤️ ❤️ , Deborah, Retford


Thank you to Paul Humphries for a great reading yesterday xx – Nikki Grimsby


Omg been to see Paul Humphries amazing is not the word. He couldn't of known the things, I swear by him, thankyou so much Paul for your reading was excellent. – Sammie, Grimsby


Had a great night with Paul Humphries tonight wAs a night for small children with much needed connection an messages of love with family ...very emotional night for all ..especially Paul bless him who did an excellent job ...was a wonderful night ...thank you Paul for my great message, again children ...thank you Paul for a great night ....that was so meant to be xx – Kath, Cleethorpes


Thank you so much for my message at Retford tonight, I was amazed by the level of evidence that you gave and the wonderful energy around you. Bless you x – Meryl, Rets


Would just like to say a very big thankyou for my reading last night – Karen Grimsby


Thank you so much Paul for a fabulous evening . You are an inspiration to us and the proof and evidence you gave was incredible it must be so rewarding to be able to bring the two worlds together .Marina, Rotherham


I would just like to thank Paul Humphries for my reading yesterday. Very thought provoking and accurate! Also a lovely guy, it was brilliant. I would highly recommend, if this is your thing.  - Elaine, Grimsby


Thank you Paul Humphries for my reding on Thursday it was lovely 😀xx – Sam, Lincoln


Thanks for my reading this afternoon paul , everything u told me was so true ...see u again soon x – Cheryl Grimsby


Thanks very much Paul for a lovely reading yesterday. I had waited months, but it was well worth the wait. By the way, I have found the M-a-r..... name, it must have been Pete's mum Margaret. Just shows, I was was doing what we're always told not to do, and just looking at those I wanted. Some of the other names came to light when Pete and I talked together lol. Thanks very much once again, I will be watching for when you're next in Lincoln. Love to you and Penny xxx  - Kriss, Lincoln


Just been for a reading with Paul Humphries was realy good .. Love and miss Ben more than ever but know he's ok and I'm going to be with him again one day ❤️ ❤️ ❤️x – Jo, Grimsby


Well had amassing experience I will never forget thank you Paul Humphries x – Elaine Cleethorpes


Well I have had a special vistor speaking about me tonight to my nanna a reading, my granddad mally is so proud of me and he was with me and my cousin Chelsea on our prom he knows I miss him so much, I love you granddad, fly high! thank you Medium-Paul Humphries – Elliemae, Grimsby


So my mum is feeling very over whelmed from having her first proper reading from the man himself mr Medium-Paul Humphries. I believe it's just what she needed. Thank you. I would also like to thank my dad for being with her and stealing the show, considering he didn't believe himself haha. Good night and god bless dad, nanna and grandad, also my two angels whom your all looking after up there xxx – Ginni, Grimsby


Had an absolutely fantastic reading tonight xx Medium-Paul Humphries highly recommend xx – Marie, Grimsby


Oh my a fantastic night as been had tonight at the Olde Barn Tealby first a fantastic 3 course meal which may i say was delicious staff as always superb n very funny, followed on with Medium-Paul Humphries whom not only bought 1 person through for us but 3 a very emotional but happy night thanku to u all xx with Claire  n my hubby brian xx, Pam, Tealby


A very big thankyou for the reading last night. My husband was over the moon that you have told him his Mum is still with him. My daughter is very reassured that her precious angel is with her great granddad. Thankyou once again you are doing a fantastic thing. - James, Denise, Kirsty and Lynsey. – Denise, UNkown


Thank you so much for my reading i will defo be coming back to see you again Medium-Paul Humphries – Emily Grimsby


When I went to go see Paul Medium-Paul Humphries Thursday he told me my great nanna comes to my house and watches over us, he also said that one day she came and knocked a photo of daisy behind my fire place, which did happen and it frightened the life out of me, she was trying to tell me that daisy had asthma. Me and Josie are just sat on the sofa casually as you do and a full tin of fanes linx has just fallen off the shelf.. No windows open or anything litturally no way of it falling off without it of being pushed or thrown. I tthink shes trying to tell us somthing! – Charley, Grimsby


Big thankyou Medium-Paul Humphries for Saturday night.

We think our first medium night was a success, I'm sure we will be more relaxed for your next visit x – Nicola, Walesby


Went to see Medium-Paul Humphries what a nice man. Very gifted x – Angela, Lincoln


wow thankyou Paul my reading was amazing feel so relaxed I could sleep for a week ,will definitely see you again x – Sue Grimsby


Medium-Paul Humphries thank you so much for my reading tonight, you are amazing x – Kerry, Grimsby


Thank you very,very much for a fantastic reading this evening came out of your house feeling a very happy person. – Stuart Grimsby


Well done Paul you did spirit proud x so many hits no one could doubt you have spirit on your side x – Michelle Cleethorpes


Had a brilliant night will definitely be coming to your next show x – Sandy Cleethorpes


Absolutely brilliant both my grandfather's came thru for me thanx so much Paul a top evening and proof of spirit x – Cheryl Cleethorpes


What a wonderful evening ...still amazed at the accuracy of the messages given... x – Sue Cleethorpes


Was a great nite everything u got 4 us was spot on n was so glad 2 hear my mum was wid my baby wen she was born helpin her thank u u made grieving that little bit better 2 cope wid ur the best I've ever seen can't wait 2 go 2 ur next 1 x – Stacley Cleethorpes


Was a great nite everything u got 4 us was spot on n was so glad 2 hear my mum was wid my baby wen she was born helpin her thank u u made grieving that little bit better 2 cope wid ur the best I've ever seen can't wait 2 go 2 ur next 1 x – Caroline, Cleethorpes


Wow top notch night at cleethorpes memorial hall watching Medium-Paul Humphries with Claire Woolnough, cant wait for the nxt one!! X – Sarah Cleethorpes


What a great night we had with Medium-Paul Humphries at his show tonight :-) sadly non of my family turned up :-( maybe next time ,, but there was certainly some great readings for other people :-) xx well done you put on a lovley show , and so many turned up .. Full house :-) see you soon for my private reading from Jackie, Kelly, jessica . – Jackie, Grimsby


I would like to say a huge thank you for my reading tonight everything you said was amazing thank you once again I will certainly see you again x – Shelly Grimsby


I would like to thank somebody for a truly amazing reading today. And everything you said was so true.! . Medium-Paul Humphries you have such a special gift ! Thank you so much x – Lorraine, Grimsby


Thank you so much!it was lovely 2 meet you!I will take away so much from the reading!xx – Charlotte Grimsby


Thankyou for such a lovely reading tonight Medium-Paul Humphries everything u said was so true. You have such a special gift. Was such a pleasure to meet you :-) you have made me a very happy lady knowing my loved ones are around me every single day  - Becci Grimsby


Would like to say a massive thank u for making me and my family very happy our reading was spot on the one person we wonted to hear from came through and told us things we wonted to hear u made my sister becci very happy telling her her little princess is up there with him and being looked after, hope wat u told my daughter comes true as would love twin grandsons but not for a few more years yet lol thank u again x – David Grimsby


thankyou so much for the reading today, "nortneyyy" part was best but the whole thing was amazing see you again soon! Thankyou - Court, Grimsby


Had the most amazing reading today with Medium-Paul Humphries. Every thing was so true and my dad came through. Thank you medium- Paul Humphries – Zoe Grimsby


Had the most amazing reading today with Medium-Paul Humphries. Every thing was so true and my dad came through. Thank you medium- Paul Humphries – Debbi Grimsby


Thankyou so much for tonight you have everything right . Will see u again soon thanks again – Lyndsey Grimsby


Thank you for my reading tonight, a few mixed emotions but you will understand that? I think blown away is the words i am looking for. See you again soon.  - Lisa Grimsby


Hi Paul just wanted to leave some feedback on your page you gave me a short reading at Bracebridge Heath a week ago and told me my father wanted it now get on with my spiritual work and he'd like to see a split in my family healed? 4 days after the reading my daughter msg me asking to meet up for lunch.. I haven't seen her for nearly 3 years. We met yesterday and spent some quality time together... Thank you. Rona xx – Lincoln


Wow !!!

I went too see Medium-Paul Humphries

I'm sooooo happy my dad came through to me and he told me he was doing just fine and he was still Dougie we all know and love !!!!

He told me he's watching over me and my two girls and he holds my mum's right hand every night in bed !!! He told me the actual day dad passed away (25th jan) 9/10 years ago at the young age of 52 ish (54) wowwww !!!!! At this point tears was rolling down my face with happiness and also sadness !! He also said about Christmas my dad plays with balbals just to let us know he's with us , the people that know us and my dad knew he loved Christmas it was his time of the year !!! Also when he came across he explained his name was doug by digging a hole hahaha that's my dad he said he was a character and he sent lots and lots of love too us all !!!!!! #crying 😢 but sooooo happy he's up there watching over us night night lovelys xxxxxxxxxxxxx – Donna Grimsby


Just had a fantastic reading by Medium-Paul Humphries told me things no one could ever know! Had 9 people in spirit come through couldn't cram it all in a hour can't wait to go back! So pleased x – Jade Grimsby


Just had an amazing reading from Medium-Paul Humphries. Thank you so much.  - Alison Grimsby


Just had an amazing reading from Medium-Paul Humphries. Thank you so much.  - Kirsty Grimsby


Was an amazing night tonight very emotional for our family. Thank you. Can't wait until October now xx – Kayleigh Grimsby


Had a fantastic night yet again at the Olde Barn Tealby with Medium-Paul Humphries my dad came through 4 my mum n Claire Webster so emotional.. thanku paul – Pam


just been reading my notes from my reading with Medium-Paul Humphries last year..and so much of it has happened or made me realise it had already happened but i hadn't realised..amazing man truly amazing gift thank you so much Paul x can't wait for the rest! :D xxxx – Zarnia Immingham


his man is the most amazing medium I have ever heard of or met!! 5 massive stars from me and would more than recommend uw to anyone who asks!! Ur amazing!! Thank uw soooo muchhh!!!! From me and my grandad!!! Xxx – Jema


Thank you sooo much for my reading tonight Paul. You were absolutely spot on with everything! My mind is now at peace. Thank you again xx – Gail Tealby


hi paul just want to say a big thank you for my reading i was shocked at the things you told me today only i knew and no one else knew you was spot on with every word just want to say iv still got the smile on my face thank you again defdenetly be seeing you again it was nice to meet you keep up the fab work xx – Anita Grimsby


Thank you Paul for the most amazing one to one reading with you today, I would recommend anyone to have a reading with you, spot on with everything I'm in total shock!!!! lovely to meet you, can't wait for another reading in the future xxxx – Rachel

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